5 Incredible World Hikes To Add To Your Wanderlist

We’re huge nature lovers and massive adventurers. There’s nothing better than leisurely walks in the outdoors or that sense of pride when you complete a challenging hike, surrounded by panoramic views. We’re adding to our post lockdown bucket list everyday, and it was difficult to narrow it down to our five top hikes, but we think we’ve got our favourites! Have a look at the below and let us know if you’ve completed them! 


Scottish National Trail, Scotland

Best months to visit: June - September
Time to complete: 5 - 8 weeks

Starting in the UK, the Scottish National Trail covers 864km (537 miles) and is a walking route that stretches the length of Scotland! Prepare for beautiful landscape views, but be warned - the further you walk north, the more challenging the hike. Further info can be found here.

Scottish Hills


Dolomites, Italy

Best months to visit: June - September
Time to complete: Dependent on route taken

The Italian Dolomites is a spectacular looking mountain range in Italy. From the variety of hikes offered, you can choose from day hikes that comprises 5-7 hours of hiking, to others that require walking for several days and camping or choosing from various accommodations. If you’re a strong hiker, then we recommend the Dolomites. Take your time with it though, it can be strenuous but the breathtaking views are second to none. Find out more here.

Italian Dolomites with man


Laguna 69, Peru

Best months to visit: May - October (the driest, yet COLDEST time of year, so wrap up warm!)
Time to complete: 5.5 hours - 6 hours

Completing this last year was the highlight of my entire travel trip if I’m being honest. It’s quite challenging, and the altitude gets pretty high so you’re advised to acclimatise with another hike a day or two before (there’s quite a few glacier trails in the Huaraz region you can book through travel agencies for your accommodation). The higher you climb, the more apparent and incredible the contrast in scenery. By the time you summit, surrounded by snow capped peaks, you forget the grassy environment you started off in. When you reach the Laguna after around 3.5 hours, you feel like you’re in a different world and it’s exhilarating. 

Peru Laguna 69


Appalachian Trail, USA

Best months to visit: April - May
Time to complete: 5 - 7 months

Fancy a challenge that thousands attempt each year and only 1 in 4 people end up completing? Then the Appalachian Trail is the one for you. It runs from Maine in the North of America to Georgia in the South and you can choose which point you’d like to start. You’ve got the option of trekking from one side to the other - through two national parks and eight national forests - which indeed will take months, and involve registration and planning supply stops. You can also choose various day hikes that will offer incredible views of the mountains and surrounding landscapes. Whichever way you choose to hike, prepare to reconnect with nature and leave city life behind. Find out more information here.

USA trail views


Routeburn Track, New Zealand

Best months to visit: October - April
Time to complete: 3 days

This well renowned multi-day hike features an extensive amount of scenery - from mountains to lakes, glaciers and stunning forests with an abundance of wildlife too. This has been reviewed as an intermediate hike, and as it is a “Great Walk” you must book a permit if you are planning on booking accommodation. If you’re aiming to complete this in a day - which is VERY challenging - you do not need a permit. It’s very popular, so think ahead of the crowd and book your reservation! Find more information here.

New Zealand Track

So there you have it - Treetop Travel’s five incredible world hikes to add to your wander-list. Which hikes have we missed out? Let us know in the comments below!

Credit: emilys.eyes.explore - A Mental Health & Travel Writer

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