6 of the Most Beautiful Eco Resorts Around the World

We love the idea of giving back to Mother Nature. Travel, as we know, is one of the most rewarding and beneficial experiences you can do for yourself - but how can we make it beneficial for the very planet that provides these experiences in the first place? From long journeys on public transport to the very items we carry in our backpack, we know how challenging it can be to travel authentically yet sustainably. That’s why we’re so proud of our Treetop Travel products that we feel are a small investment in your wallet and yet provide such a major investment to our environment. 

In everyday life, our electricity is provided by the burning of fossil fuels like natural gas and coal - extracting these is not only bad for the environment but also on your wallet. Think about how much you spend on electricity when it’s cold and then how much you spend on air conditioning in the summer. NOW, think about how much you’d save long term on both those climate situations if you installed panels that rely purely on solar energy. Solar power is free, readily available and creates pure and renewable energy from the sun - GOOD.  With the launch of our fantastic solar powered USB charger, which provides an efficient alternative to protect the environment whilst charging your phone, camera or even toothbrush, we wanted to share with you some of the finest eco lodges around the world that also want to embrace and give back to nature. These resorts dotted around the world provide you with a unique travel experience and place a massive emphasis on that experience being sustainable - so you can remain guilt free, knowing your vacation has had little to no impact on the beautiful surroundings that have enticed you there in the first place. 

Eco Lodge in Trees


Firstly, a little information to you about the importance of these resorts. Well, in essence, and put incredibly simply, they’re great. They look great, they cause minimal effect on the environment and provide a maximum effort to ensure you have a fantastic time on your trip. They’re becoming VERY well sought-after due to the rising popularity of environmental activism and the demand for sustainable products. There’s been an increase in the amount of people now looking for a really eco-friendly experience and there’s a broad selection available. From Eco Resorts providing Yoga retreats, to Eco Lodges to share with your family, we’ve found some of the five best in the world for you to choose from. Facilities can differ between them all, but they all use a variety of sustainable initiatives.These vary from composting restrooms to energy efficient lighting, locally grown and sourced food, to all products made from biodegradable items. Have a look at our favourites below!

1. Llullu Llama Eco Resort, Ecuador

We can personally vouch for how unbelievable this resort is. Situated in Isinliví, on the edge of the Quilotoa Loop, staying here was just pure bliss. You’re surrounded by stunning views of the countryside and delicious home made food. All guests ate dinner together, bringing a real sense of community and a fantastic way of getting to know other travellers. They also provide a wealth of facilities that contribute to the preservation of the environment including eco-friendly composting toilets that are both educational and functional. 

2. Elsa’s Kopje Lodge, Kenya

Without doubt, one of our favourite eco-lodges on the list. This beautiful accommodation is located on Mughwango Hill, with beautiful views of the Meru plains. The lodge provides stunning accommodation made from a mixture of local stone and wood and encourages their guests to be kind to their environment, by providing anti plastic water bottles to be refilled at water stations. Facilities include an infinity pool overlooking stunning natural scenery, a massage hut, game drives in the morning and evening, river fishing and visits to the rhino sanctuary in the national park. Bedrooms also provide panoramic views and bathrooms are powered with solar heated water.  

3. Lapa Rios Lodge, Costa Rica

Fancy a true jungle experience, surrounded by monkey calls, wonderful wildlife and no compromise on luxury? Well then, welcome to Lapa Rios Lodge. Situated on a hillside, guests are offered tours including their sustainability tour where you can find out about the lodge’s efforts to make less of an environmentally damaging footprint on their tourism business. 

Accommodation features awe inspiring balcony views, biodegradable products (or you can even bring your own!) a natural spa to relax in, and hammocks to lay and take a moment to be at one with nature. You can hike with one of the knowledgeable guides or kayak for some fun outside of the resort. Also, gourmet complimentary Costa Rican coffee? Where do we sign up?

4. Elmley Nature Reserve, Kent

Elmley Nature Reserve is a little closer to us Brits, a little more reasonable in price but doesn’t lessen on sustainability values. In fact, Elmley Nature Reserve offers a varied amount of accommodation that provides stunning views whilst also letting you relax in the knowledge that you’re enjoying yourself with no effects on the environment. Food provided is from the family’s farm, huts are built from reclaimed wood and even painted in environmentally friendly paint!


5. Loveland Farm, North Devon, UK

Loveland Farm is a campsite with a difference, a place where sustainability comes first. What we loved most about our stay here are the beautiful basics and how life is just that little bit simpler. It is truly a space that is inspiring and completely unique; the perfect escape from the busy modern world. 

What makes Loveland stand out are each of their eco pods which come complete with their own private shower and award winning compost toilet facilities and kitchen. Not only are the pods cosy and warm, but you're situated in the middle of a family-run farm, surrounded by various different animals and wildlife. 

6. Bangkok Tree House Hotel and Restaurant, Thailand 

Last but by no means least on our list, we’re taking you virtually to Thailand, where the Bangkok Tree House Hotel and Restaurant provides another nature inspired retreat for you to enjoy. 

From carbon free cooking (offering meals made from locally sourced and fresh products), to energy efficient saving lighting, you don’t get more environmentally friendly than here. They’ve even up-cycled plastic items to build the accommodation in the first place! Combine this with the breathtaking views at height from your room AND the restaurant and you’re truly in nature’s paradise.

Which Eco Resorts would YOU recommend? Let us know in the comments below!


Credit: emilys.eyes.explore - A mental health & travel writer 💚

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