Our Top 5 Gifts for an Aspiring Traveller

It was recently my birthday (hooray to me!) and I’m one of those people who loves to receive gifts that I can actually USE, you know? Whether it’s celebrating (or commiserating) being another year older, or buying presents for people going on their first year abroad, it can be difficult to know what exactly to buy - and there’s nothing better than knowing your money is well spent on items people will actually get to use.

This post is therefore dedicated to the BEST gifts you can buy for your son, daughter, friend, boyfriend, girlfriend who loves to travel and will really appreciate these items. Alternatively, if someone is re-booking their round the world trip for next year, get ahead of the game and make sure you pick up one of these presents with a purpose!

Travel Document Holder 

I would lose my own head if it wasn’t screwed on, let alone all my travel documents. Normally my papers were spread around my backpack until I was given a travel document holder and therefore had them all in one place. Definitely one of those gifts you never thought you needed until you’re bought one!

document holders

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Solar Powered USB Charger

If you’ve been following Treetop for a while, you’ll know we’re avid travellers whose purpose is to leave as little a carbon footprint as possible, whilst still being able to do what we love. We’re proud of our charger which converts natural sunlight into energy to power your battery. Great if you’re planning on being in a hot country and need to stay charged regularly on long journeys or on the go.

solar powered charger

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Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Travel is not all about being on the go, it’s about taking time out to enjoy the places you’re visiting. Whether you’re having a picnic in a recently discovered park, or sunbathing on a beach with newly made friends, it’s always great to have a speaker at hand to play those relaxing tunes. Even though it's a pocket-sized speaker, this little beast will shock you in performance, and will do your travelling playlist justice.

mini bluetooth speaker

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Digital Thermos Bottle 

Stainless Steel bottles are becoming essential items now. What makes ours different? Not only is our bottle eco friendly but you can store any liquid you want in it. Whether you need your coffee to remain hot, or prefer ice cold water during a hike, this Digital Thermos Bottle will retain that temperature. The best thing about it is that the digital dial will indicate exactly how hot/cold it is. Technology hey?! 

digital thermos bottle

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Travel Cubes

Whilst Travel Cubes in general don’t sound like the most exciting gift in the world, for an aspiring traveller they’re probably the most practical thing you can have in your case. I decided to embark on a round the world trip with NO travel cubes to start with - and had to rely on every single man, woman and child in the hostel to sit on my backpack in order to close it. When I invested in them, I was kicking myself for the ease in which I could quickly shove in all my clothes and zip up my backpack without a problem. 

The best way to keep yourself organised when you're carrying your wardrobe on your shoulders. 


travel packing cubes

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Happy Buying!


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Credit: emilys.eyes.explore - A mental health & travel writer 💚

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