The 6 Accessories You'll Wish You Had Taken Travelling!

Packing for a trip can be tricky; some prefer to take the minimalist approach, whilst others might be packing for one outfit a day. There really is no right or wrong way to go about it, it’s all about making sure you have all the essentials and are feeling as prepared as you can. 

This experience can teach you a lot about yourself, and which items rank highest on your list. These essential items might not mean life or death, but when you’re far from home and constantly on the move, those little added comforts will go a long way! We’ve put together the 6 items that we feel brought us the most joy during our trips.


1) Solar Powered Charger

Access to power has never been as important as it is today. People run businesses from their phones, we navigate around the world from our screens & we communicate with our friends and family several times a day. The future is renewable energy, and this Solar Powered USB charger is the first step in this direction. By attaching it to a backpack, or laying it out in the sun, we can take full advantage of some free energy, and use that to power our phones, tablets, cameras, and many more devices. 

Solar Powered USB Charger - £38.60


2) Collapsible Silicone Bottle

When constantly on the move, there isn’t anything more important than staying hydrated! We found that carrying a collapsible bottle saved us loads of space, literally being able to put it in a pocket when it's rolled up. Not only is it a lot more convenient to carry, but it saves us buying plastic bottled water.

Collapsible Silicone Bottle

Collapsible Silicone Bottle - £14.20


3) Collapsible travel cup & cutlery

Collapsible products are a travellers dream! When you’re packing a bag for a day trip, your food & drink are an essential, but your containers are only needed until it’s all eaten.  With a collapsible drinking cup and cutlery, it saves plenty of space in the backpack.



4) Mini Bluetooth Speaker

It’s crazy to think its only been 20 years since bluetooth speakers were introduced. Nowadays, you can enjoy quality sounding music absolutely anywhere. Not all portable speakers have been designed for travel, and only a few are waterproof and able to endure your adventures! How about one that's small & easy to carry, waterproof and has an amazing sound?! This little beast will shock you in performance, and will do your travelling playlist justice. 

Mini Bluetooth Speaker - £33.60


5) Travel Packing cubes

For anyone that’s experienced living out of a backpack for many months, i’m sure you’ll agree, it’s not easy to keep all you clothes in order. Theres a good reason why these are on most people packing checklists. Not only do they keep your belongings organised, but they save heaps of space too. Travel packing cubes will save the constant packing & unpacking, allowing you to separate all your items into individual cases, saving time & space. 

Travel Packing Cubes - £24.40


6) Portable Travel Hammock 

When you aren’t on an adventure, you’ll probably find yourself relaxing, reading a book, and enjoying a refreshing drink in the sun. A Portable Travel Hammock allows you to do this anywhere you like! The perfect way to ‘hang’ out. 


 Portable Travel Hammock - £29.60


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