The Most Environmentally Conscious Countries to Visit

If you haven’t already guessed this about Treetop by now, we’re passionate about travel & protecting our natural environment, and believe they both go hand in hand. It’s evident that society is becoming more conscious about their carbon footprint and we’re keen to give you as much information about this topic as possible. We’ve virtually travelled around the world to find the top countries whose outlook is based on giving back to the natural environment, so we can continue to preserve its beauty. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get exploring!

 1. The Netherlands 

What’s not to love about visiting The Netherlands for a trip with their picturesque canals, their fabulous Stroopwafels and their delicious Bitterballen - but this is not a paragraph simply dedicated to our love of Dutch food. With over 9,000 miles of bike paths across The Netherlands, and with bicycles being the preferred method of transport, it’s no wonder that the country came fifth in the European Green City Index for the Most Environmentally Friendly Cities in Europe. Fantastic news! 

 Canals in the Netherlands with bikes

2. Norway

We love Norway. The hikes and the outstanding scenery that the country has to offer takes our breath away and it is no wonder that they're doing what they can to protect their environment. It's their innovative nature that has put them on our list. Did you know that 50% of the vehicles registered in Norway are electric? If that’s not impressive enough, they have a plan to reduce and potentially end gas and diesel vehicle sales by 2025. They believe that in ten years time, they will have reduced CO2 emissions by 95%. 

 Norway Houses and scenery


3. Slovenia

Slovenia isn’t on everyone’s list to visit, but if you do, you won’t be disappointed with the spectacular Lake Bled. The country is trying their best to be as kind to the environment as possible with 75% of their electricity actually coming from hydro-electric dams, and their city buses running on natural gas. You can relax in the knowledge that you’re having a totally guilt free holiday whilst you visit eco-friendly farms and swim with sea turtles! Here’s another interesting fact - they’ve won the European Destination of Excellence Awards three years running! Without a doubt, Slovenia HAS to be on your post COVID lockdown list. 

slovenia lake


4. Rwanda

Who on earth knew that Rwanda would be one of the most environmentally conscious countries to live in or travel to? Their government has made looking after mother nature one of their top priorities, ensuring once a month there is a day dedicated to cleaning up the country as well as banning plastic bags throughout. If you fancy exploring further afield, there are lots of tourist companies providing activities contributing to wildlife conservation for you to jump on. When can we visit?

rwanda sunset 

5. Borneo

 You’ve probably heard of Borneo as a traveller’s paradise, providing incredible hikes, wonderful and rare wildlife and outdoor activities readily available. Whether you want to relax amongst the abundance of nature surrounding you at every corner or go scuba diving, the island ensures that being environmentally friendly plays a massive role in their tourism business. It’s great to know that many tour companies in Borneo have adopted the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as commonplace - so you can travel Borneo with these companies, safe in the knowledge you’re giving back to the environment. We’re big fans of Borneo Eco Tours and the Sukau Rainforest Lodge! Take a look at them!

underwater turtle  

Which countries do YOU know that are passionate about conserving the environment?

Credit: emilys.eyes.explore - A mental health & travel writer 💚

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