The Top 5 (at Home) Travel Destinations

For many of us, summer holidays have been postponed or cancelled. Despite the amazing British weather promised ahead, the reminder that holiday season is upon us and there’s not much we can do about it is a dampener. Although Europe is slowly opening up to the UK, countries much further afield are taking more time, and it’ll be a little while until things return to a new normal.

So how can you bring the holiday season to your home? Perhaps you were looking forward to a yoga retreat somewhere exotic or were excited to visit new places and try their typical, regional dishes and the pandemic has changed your plans. Fear NOT, here at Treetop Travel, we want you to still have that summer holiday - albeit in a slightly different location - that you were after. Here are our top 5 destinations that you can still enjoy from the comfort of your home.

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The practise of yoga began in Northern India, over 5,000 years ago. Many countries have adopted it due to the wealth of physical and mental health benefits it provides. There’s a huge variety of different styles of yoga, but a good place to start - especially if you’re a beginner - is with Hatha Yoga. Hatha is a form of yoga that focuses on simple positions, deep breathing and stretching. It is the shift of movement from the Sympathetic Nervous System (Flight or Flight) to Parasympathetic where you are in a more relaxed state. If you prefer something more challenging, Vinyasa Flow is characterised by moving through different postures, one by one, using breath - often known as “flow” yoga. There’s plenty of free YouTube yoga sessions ranging from beginner to intermediate. Our favourites are Yoga with Kassandra, designed to suit any level or Yoga with Adriene. Pair it with our yoga mat which has a great grip, is waterproof and slip free. It’s also made from TPE, which is recyclable and non toxic material, so it’s harmless to you AND the environment. When the time comes to take that yoga fuelled holiday you’ve been waiting for, our mat is perfect for the hot weather and comes with a free easy to carry yoga bag, so you can take it all around the world!

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 It’s going to be a while until we can visit South America and whilst we wait patiently for that moment, why don’t you make sure your Spanish is top notch beforehand! Duolingo is the go to app to learn vocabulary and common phrases, but if you’re keen to start learning Spanish to a strong level - we’re talking verb conjugations, the subjunctive, the whole lot - then Spanishland School is THE place to learn. Andrea is a Colombian teacher, and her online lessons are fantastic - you end up learning things you didn’t know you could. Find her on Youtube or search for “Españolistas” on Apple Podcasts for unlimited episodes of Spanish lessons.



South and Central America are well known for their variety of incredible social dances, from Bachata to Rumba, Samba to Mambo. When you make it to this part of the world, you’ll see a lot of this being practised in various clubs - so you’ll want to make sure you’re up to scratch! The “Salsa” dance is perhaps the most well known in Western society and places its origins in no other but CUBA. Check out Salsaventura on Youtube which guides you through the beginner steps and rules to Salsa, whilst slowly increasing the difficulty level. For a little home practice, some popular artists of Salsa music are Victor Manuelle, Mark Anthony and El Gran Combo - so blast them on Spotify and get dancing!

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Okay, it’s official - we cannot get enough of Latin America. The culture, the language and now the FOOD. If you were planning a trip to Mexico, we can’t recommend Oaxaca and Puerto Escondido enough. The two destinations combine both a beautiful city bursting with colour and a relaxing beach town. The food is out of this world, so for now, why don’t you make it from home and share it with your friends? Now that lockdown is slowly lifting, take to the great outdoors and make a selection of Mexican food and drink for a cultural way to spend the weekend. From Fajitas to Enchiladas, there’s such a vast assortment of food and drinks to create, each person could take one recipe and bring the essentials to the picnic. See below our favourite Mexican recipes and let us know if you have any others to add. Make sure you use our wonderful food and drink utensils which cut the amount of plastic and are items you can keep reusing. Check them out here

Mexican Fajitas

Easy Chicken Fajitas - make the night before and eat cold!

15 Mexican Drinks that AREN’T the classic Margarita 

Vegetarian/Gluten Free Mexican Recipes - no problems if you’re Vegetarian or have other food allergies, Cookie and Kate give you substitutions and a huge variety of food to choose from.



Unfortunately for us, festivals are cancelled worldwide, Coachella in particular, known for its incredible headline acts, art installations and bohemian-inspired fashion would have been wild this year with Frank Ocean, Rage Against the Machine and Travis Scott taking to the main stage, not forgetting Calvin Harris and Disclosure. Coachella are yet to announce which acts will be moving to the new date in April 2021, but whilst we wait, there’s no reason why you can’t bring the festival vibe to your house. Rally round a small group of friends - social distanced of course - throw on your best bo-ho outfit, glitter up with festival makeup, find some good music and of course a great choice of drinks - and boom, you’ve got yourself your own mini festival at half the price!


If you're planning a trip for when its finally safe to travel again, check out our travel accessories and essentials here and start ticking off your packing list ✅

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Happy Home Travels!

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