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Silicone Menstrual Cup

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There's nothing worse than standing in front of a crystal clear ocean on a summer's day, and worrying about your blood flow. Don't get caught by surprise, always be prepared with your Silicone Menstrual Cup. It is easy to carry and clean, and will ensure you can join in on all the adventures!   

  • Reusable & hygienic
  • Soft & adaptable
  • Adjustable stem and circle grips for maximum comfort 
  • FDA certified
  • Small for normal flow & large for heavy flow
  • Material: Silicone
  • Size: L 4.4cm/ H 5.5cm/ Stem 1.5cm (small), L 4.7cm/ H 5.5cm/ Stem 2cm (large)

  1. Steralise cup before first insertion

  2. For easy insertion, it is recommended to either sit, squat, kneel, or stand. Find whichever is most comfortable for you.

  3. To fold cup, grip it with your fingers and press. Fold the cup in half, length ways.

  4. Insert cup towards the back of the vagina.

  5. Once inserted, release the fingers. Let the cup unfold and adhere to the vaginal wall.

  6. The cup will sit lower than a tampon. Once in, cut the soft adjustable stem so that it does not stick out. Leave it long enough to squeeze and remove.

  7. Thoroughly clean and disinfect after use.